Is Your Car Winter-Ready?

Is your car prepared for the icy roads and hazardous driving conditions of winter that are just around the corner? If you’ve yet to start planning for the winter driving season, the Indianapolis windshield replacement experts of Waxwerks have a few tips to help you get your car winter-ready.

Attention to Details: Keeping your car clean during the winter is a great way to prevent it from accumulating unwanted wear and tear, plus it just looks nice. Make sure to take your vehicle through the carwash regularly to keep corrosive road salt from eating away at, and causing rust on, your car’s exterior.

A thorough cleaning from a car detailing professional like the crew at Waxwerks is the best way to be certain your vehicle’s exterior and interior are winter-ready. Along with being the name to trust for Indianapolis windshield replacement, we specialize in car detailing services that will turn your vehicle into a whole new machine.

Be Prepared: Any good boy scout will tell you that proper preparation is the best way to avoid disaster during Indianapolis winters. Besides preventative steps like having a healthy battery, fresh windshield wipers, and durable tires, there is an important measure you can take to ensure winter survival in case you find yourself stranded in the snow – a survival kit.

A winter survival kit should top your list of winter driving supplies, right next to de-icer and hot chocolate. Here’s a quick look at what you should have stowed away in your own winter survival kit:

• road flares

• jumper cables

• ice scraper

• extra gloves, hats, blankets, snow boots

• non-perishable food, plenty of water

• flashlight, batteries

• cell phone charger (if the car’s electricity still works, a charged cell phone could be your key to finding help)

Seal the Perimeter: Want to keep the ice and snow from breaching the protective shield that is your vehicle? Be certain that any weak points, likes cracks or chips in your car’s windows and windshield, are repaired before winter weather hits its peak. That means the time to act on your auto glass repair or Indianapolis windshield replacement is now.

These tips should help get you motivated to start preparing your car for the upcoming winter season. For help with all of your automotive needs, including car alarms and window tinting, you can always count on Waxwerks. Contact us today at 317-577-9700, and let us help get you prepared for the inevitable winter driving challenges that lie ahead.

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