Driving Do’s and Don’ts

If you have lived in Indiana for over a year you know that the weather changes at a drop of the dime. If you are new to the Indianapolis area this is your warning, the weather conditions change not only every day, but often throughout the day as well. On the same day you wake up in the morning having to scrape frost off your windshield, late that afternoon you may find yourself wishing you had the proper window tinting for so much sun. Because of the frequent changes in weather it is important to be aware of driving dos and don’ts on the road.

Driving Do’s:

  • Always wear your seat belt. Accidents are called “accidents” because that is exactly what they are, unintentional crashes. One out of every five drivers are involved in accidents that are no fault of their own every year. Make sure if this is you, you are secured and safe.
  • Check your brakes, windshield wipers and windshields frequently. Brakes need to be working properly in order to drive safely no matter what the weather situation is. Windshield wipers are a necessity when you find yourself in a rainy or snowy driving condition. Without them driving in these circumstances would be impossible. Check windshields often for small chips and cracks. If you find one it is more cost effective to call your windshield repair specialist sooner rather than later. Most chips can be inexpensively repaired, depending on their location and severity, but larger ones and ones in the acute vision area mean a windshield must be replaced.
  • Keep a spare tire. Make sure that you have a spare tire in the back of your car as well as a working jack at all times. In the case of a flat, you will need the spare in order to change and continue on your way. Although most spares do not have as extended of a driving time as normal tires they will allow you change it yourself and be on your way.

Driving Don’ts:

  • Do not engage in reckless driving. Do not tailgate other cars, pass on shoulders, fail to yield, or run stoplights or stop signs (even if no one else is around). Acting as if you are above the law, when driving, puts yourself and others in danger.
  • Do not do anything besides drive. When you are driving do not talk on your phone, text, update your social network, be eating, applying makeup or flipping through your music playlist. Anything that distracts you from the task at hand, driving, makes your chances of accidents and injury more likely.
  • Do not make assumptions about other drivers. Not all drivers know what they are doing or plan their actions ahead. They may stop at the last second and decide to turn; if you are riding on their tail you may rear end them. Proceed with caution when approaching other cars and keep a safe distance between yourself and other vehicles.

These do’s and don’ts apply to you no matter what time of year or type of weather conditions you are driving in. However exhibit more caution when driving in hazardous weather. Also make sure your car is prepared for the different climates, make sure your car or truck equipped with all-weather accessories such as car mats, steering wheel covers and gearshift knobs. Accidents happen unexpectedly, make sure to be as prepared as you can be in these situations. If you find yourself in need of any, auto related assistance such as windshield repair or replacement, window tints, auto detailing, even your car electronics contact Waxwerks.

Waxwerks has proudly served Indianapolis for over two decades. We pride ourselves in the excellent work and customer service we provide. For professional car detailing, dent removal, glass repair, car stereo installation or window tinting contact us by either calling 317-577-9700 or visiting our website.

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