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Have an Outdated Car Radio?

Last month, we told you about some great car gifts you can give to your friends and family for the holidays, including a new stereo system. If that got you thinking about your own car radio and how it might be a little bit outdated or maybe even broken, it’s not too late to add […]

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Window Tinting Can Improve Your Used Car’s Value

Automotive window tint film manufacturers provide an impressive list of reasons to tint the windows in your car. It prevents cancer by blocking the suns ultraviolet rays. It provides security by making it more difficult for thieves to break your cars windows. It protects you and your passengers from flying glass in an accident.

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Indianapolis Car Detailing 101

Keeping your car clean would seem to be a simple task. A run through the car wash once in a while, a hand full of quarters in the vacuum, clean up the windows and your are good to go, right? Wrong. The truth is that your car is under constant attack by road film, acid rain, […]

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