3 Ways to Improve Your Ride

You love your old truck, but let’s face it: He’s seen better days. We know you’re not ready to trade him in for a replacement, so instead, why not help the ol’ guy out by treating him to some much-needed improvements and repairs? Here are just a few ways you can do just that.

car detailing

1. Window Tinting: Protect your truck’s interior.

The sun’s rays can do a number on a car or truck interior. One way to slow down the wear on your truck’s upholstery is with professional window tinting. This service helps minimize the effects of the sun on your vehicle’s interior, while also providing you and your passengers with some relief from the rays as you travel.

2. Auto Glass Repair: Stop damage from spreading.

Chips or cracks in your truck’s windshield are not only unsightly, but they also may be safety concerns. Don’t ignore windshield damage, but instead, opt for auto glass repair. Most cracks or chips can be repaired within a matter of minutes, without a complete windshield replacement.

3. Car Detailing: Start with a clean slate.

When was the last time your truck was clean? I mean REALLY clean? Car detailing is one service that offers a big transformation at affordable rates. If you’re going to give your vehicle a makeover, get a professional car detailing so your truck has that like-new look and smell.

Waxwerks of Castleton is your one-stop-shop for improving your vehicle’s appearance and safety. To find out more about window tinting, auto glass repair, car detailing, or other car-care services, contact Waxwerks today at (317) 577-9700. We’ll be glad to help you restore your truck to some of its former glory so you can hopefully enjoy many more years to come.


photo credit: down the road [Explored] via photopin (license)

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