Indianapolis Windshield Repair: Spring Cleaning for Your Car

It may feel as though there’s no end in sight for winter, but fear not – spring is just around the corner. That means this is the perfect time to start getting your vehicle ready for the road trips and outdoor get-togethers of spring and summer. Your car took a beating this winter and could be in need of important maintenance services, from detailing to Indianapolis windshield repair or replacement. Today we’ll discuss ways to make sure you and your automobile are properly prepared for the spring driving season.

Below are some helpful tips for getting your vehicle spring-ready from the Indianapolis windshield repair specialists of Waxwerks.

Exterior: Road salts and potholes could have caused unseen damage to your car throughout the winter season. When the snow finally starts to melt away, make sure to give your vehicle’s exterior a thorough inspection, and check for any signs of rust or deterioration. Road salts are highly corrosive and could easily eat away at your car’s exterior if not properly washed away. If you’ve hit a few too many potholes, check for dents or damage to your axles. It would be wise to take care of any damage to important car parts before they break completely and cause a surprise accident.

Windows: The sub-zero temperatures of the intense winter could have exacerbated any small damage to your car’s windows or mirrors. Cracks or chips can attract moisture, which expands when frozen, and could potentially cause your windshield to shatter. Be sure to have a windshield repair specialist fix chips and cracks in your automotive glass before spring is in full swing to avoid April showers seeping into your car’s interior.

Interior: Passengers and drivers alike have been tracking dirty snow, road salt, and mud into your car all winter long. Dirty seats and floor mats may not seem like an immediate problem, but if the car is never cleaned properly, it will drive down the vehicle’s value. An expert auto detailing can eliminate wintery grime from your vehicle’s interior and get your car spring fresh.

For Indianapolis windshield repair services and more all year round, Waxwerks is the name to trust. Our crew of car electronics and glass replacement experts will be more than happy to get to work, transforming your everyday car into the ride of your dreams. Contact us today at 317-577-9700 to see what the Waxwerks difference can mean for you and your car.

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