Tips for the Perfect Road Trip, Pt 1

Road trips are usually a necessary evil if you want to transport the family in one piece to a desired vacation spot. Unfortunately, a lot of road trips turn into a hectic, stress-inducing mess before the car is even packed. To help cut down on the chaos, we have some tips to transform an overwhelming family ritual into the perfect road trip.

Below are some helpful tips for turning your next long drive into the ultimate vacation experience from Waxwerks – the name to trust when it comes to auto glass repair in Indianapolis.

Entertainment: Some people are perfectly content to stare out the car window and daydream for the duration of the trip, but what about the rest of us? To keep music lovers entertained, make sure that your car stereo is in working order before the journey. You may also want to implement a BYOE (Bring Your Own Entertainment) rule, so that anyone who doesn’t like the music you’ll be listening to can pop in their headphones or bust out a favorite book. Books on tape or in podcast form are also a great way to pass time while driving if you have any kids in the car.

Navigation: For most Indianapolis drivers, a phone or GPS will be their guide on the open road. While these marvels of technological progress will certainly be helpful, they may also malfunction or run out of power. It’s a great idea to also bring along physical maps of your destination just in case your GPS or phone dies and you find yourself stranded roadside.

Safety: Your car should already be packed with an emergency preparedness kit, but when traveling long distances, it’s even more imperative to do so. You can’t count on smooth sailing for the duration of the trip, but you can be prepared for any obstacles you may encounter. Here’s a quick list of a few “just in case” items:

• jumper cables

• road flares

• flashlight

• extra phone and GPS chargers

• blanket, travel pillow, change of clothes

Use these tips to free yourself from the long reigning tyranny of the boring road trip! For reliable automotive services that will make your next big road trip possible, like auto glass repair in Indianapolis, you can always count on the professionals at Waxwerks. Contact us today at 317-577-9700, and we’ll be more than happy to get to work for you.

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