Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement

It is important to maintain your windshield because of the large role it plays in making your car safe to drive. The windshield’s strength provides protection from weather and debris. It is also a safety system component that prevents passengers from flying forward out of the car in collisions. Understanding the structure of your windshield helps you to know why it works how it does.

Windshields are two layers of laminated glass adhered to a plastic center. Other glass in the car is tempered glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces when it breaks. Laminated glass is designed to remain in place, even when broken with a hard impact. If the laminated glass chips or cracks, should you repair it, or replace it?

When there is stone damage or a single, long crack less than 24” breaks the outer layer of glass, it is possible to repair the damage. You should repair the glass rather than replace it for a few reasons. The first is because when you replace a windshield you break the original factory seal, which in turn weakens the structure. Windshield repair is also less expensive than windshield replacement. Your car’s automotive comprehensive coverage may cover 100% of the repairs. Windshield replacement usually has a deductible component. Insurance companies often pay for the repair to avoid the higher cost of replacement.

Windshield auto glass repair is not a complicated process. Today’s technology enables the qualified technicians at Waxwerks to force the air out of the damaged area, and then inject a special resin that is compatible with your vehicle’s type of glass. Properly done, resin evenly fills the voided area with the surrounding windshield surface. This makes the repair nearly invisible. Although windshield repair kits are available for those who like to do their own auto repairs, experience and skill improve the odds of a successful repair being done the first time.

Glass fractures on your vehicle’s windshield can occur for a variety of reasons, and many can be fixed with an auto glass repair instead of total auto glass replacement. Regardless of the damage your car’s windshield has the technicians at Waxwerks will work with you to decide the best possible solution. In addition to auto glass repair and windshield replacement, we also perform services such as window tinting, car detailing, car scratch repair, dent removal, car remote starters, car audio installation, car alarm installation, car upholstery repair, car and truck accessories and more. Contact Waxwerks in Indianapolis today at 317-577-9700 for more information or to make a service appointment.

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