How to Safely Get Your Keys out of a Locked Car

Locking your keys inside of your car is frustrating, but it happens to the best of us. Before you smash your window to bits or hire an expensive locksmith, consider handling the job yourself. Indiana law can be complicated when it comes to car repair and insurance, but we at Waxwerks & Audio+ are experts at window and glass repair. If you do have an emergency, call (317) 577-9700 for advice and assistance.

You’ve spent a lot on your car windows; you don’t want to break them, nor is it a good idea to trust someone who might not have a delicate touch. Never take the chance of having your windows scratched by considering these methods:

1. Use a Shoestring

This method is perfect for locking mechanisms that unlock by a latch that can be pulled up. By tying a tiny loop in the center of the shoelace, you can shift the string through the slit between the car door. Once the loop is properly placed over the lock, it can be tightened and pulled up.

2. Use a Wire Hanger

A wire hanger is a popular approach to opening a locked car door. Untwist the hanger, and bend a tiny hook that can fit beneath the weather stripping of the window. Once inside, you can shimmy the wire until you locate the locking mechanism inside the door. This procedure might take a moment, but it’s worth it to not spend hundreds of dollars on a mistake.

Unlocking Your Car Door

3. Use a Simple Plastic Strip

You’d be surprised that a simple plastic strip can get the job done both safely and relatively quickly. Experts suggest bending a long, thin piece of plastic in half then place it in between the crack of the doorway. From there, you can manipulate pull-up locks and most locks that can be pushed open.

At Waxwerks & Audio+,  glass repair and window tinting are our specialties. If you happen to scrape your glass or have no choice but to break it, call (317) 577-9700 and explore all options available to you.

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