3 Ways to Use Bluetooth in Your Vehicle

Tired of using cords to connect your phone to your audio system? Don’t want to get pulled over by a cop for answering a call? Our experts at Waxwerks & Audio+ of Indianapolis can install a Bluetooth stereo system in your vehicle. Learn more about the perks of a car stereo installation that features convenient Bluetooth technology.

1) Make Hands-Free Phone Calls

OEM head units will have the functionality for drivers to answer calls via Bluetooth. With an older vehicle, you can easily get this feature with our car stereo installation service. With phone communication via Bluetooth, you can access and edit your address book with a touchscreen interface and then make a call without ever having to get out your phone and dial a number. In some cases, you can even program your stereo to accept voice commands, so you don’t even have to take your hands off the wheel to call someone while on the go.

2) Stream Music Wirelessly

Driving your car to work and to do errands doesn’t have to be filled with the repetitive advertisements from local radio stations. With Bluetooth, you can wirelessly stream your audio data to your head unit, so it’ll play from the speakers throughout your car. This feature is especially useful if you have a music streaming service like Spotify or Pandora. With a new car stereo installation, you can also see the display data, like artist names, song titles, and in some cases, album artwork.

3) Listen to a Book or Podcast

Driving playlists are great for group road trips, but sometimes you need entertainment when you’re alone in the car too. During a long work commute or heavy traffic, keep your mind at ease with an audiobook or podcast via Bluetooth. With phone apps like Audible, you can easily control the speed of the narrator’s voice and pause the book on your stereo system whenever you need to.

Get a Bluetooth upgrade to your vehicle’s stereo. Waxwerks can provide an affordable car stereo installation at our Indianapolis shop. Contact us at (317) 577-9700 today!

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