Top 3 Rules to Keep Your Vehicle Safe in Indianapolis

Our mild weather, savvy style, and affordable prices have ranked Indianapolis as one of the most desirable places in America to live. According to the U.S. News & World, it’s the reason why so many young people are making the move to the Hoosier State and surrounding areas. As with any increase in population, crime becomes more of a concern. Waxwerks & Audio+ wants you to enjoy your vehicle but also keep it safe. For the latest in car security system installation, call (317) 577-9700 to schedule an appointment.

Security for Car Window

For years, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has hosted Bloomington Gold Corvettes which attracts over 30,000 automobile enthusiasts each year. Vehicles from all over the world are showcased to fellow hobbyists, but unfortunately, this can also lure a bold thief. Some reports show that these expert thieves move quickly and can go after multiple cars and trucks in a single day. To protect your property, here are 3 important recommendations:

1. Hide Your Valuables

Do not tempt a thief. Be sure to put items such as purses, laptops, and iPads out of sight. Even smaller possessions such as watches, jewelry, and loose change can persuade a crook to help themselves.

2. Install a Car Alarm

Not only is it generally safer to install a car alarm, but it will save you money as well. Many insurance agencies give discounts to those with the extra layer of protection. Modern day security systems also have technology that prevents your car from getting hot-wired.

3. Car Trackers

If you’re the owner of a vintage car or any other vehicle of a larger value, you may want to consider a car tracker. Car tracking systems are able to locate your vehicle, even if it is underground. This additional precaution will also encourage discounts with your insurance company.

Indianapolis is a hot spot for prestigious vehicles. Waxwerks & Audio+ wants you to protect your investment by installing a car alarm. Call (317) 577-9700 today for details on the latest in auto protection.

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