How to Choose New Custom Wheels & Tires

Customizing your car’s features takes it from a regular stock model to a tricked out vehicle of your own. Between driving performance and aesthetic, you may have a specific reason in mind for why you’re upgrading your car. New wheels, in particular, can bring back some of that new-car excitement. However, with the huge variety of tires on the market, the decision of choosing new custom wheels and tires is more complex than it used to be.

At Waxwerks & Audio+, we help our customers decide on their wheels and tires before installing a custom set. The first place to get started is to narrow down why you are looking for aftermarket wheels so we can help you find the right option.

“I want to upgrade the style.”

If your very first thought is that you want shiny new rims, then it sounds like a showier option is right for you. When getting new wheels for looks is your priority, then sizing will often be the same as your current stock wheels. Get the same performance of your previous tires, just with a nicer look.

“I want better acceleration.”

Aftermarket wheels are a great option for those looking to improve their car’s acceleration. Choosing a larger-diameter wheel will decrease the tire’s sidewall height and add responsiveness. Larger wheels provide higher stability and better cornering while also improving acceleration and reducing braking distance.

“I want better stability and handling.”

For better handling, smaller wheels offer a more comfortable ride with less road feedback. With taller sidewall tires, you’ll feel more flex when you turn corners. It’s also the best option for  impacts like potholes, speed bumps, and debris.

After you can pinpoint what type of wheels you’re looking for, our team at Waxwerks & Audio+ can complete the installation of your new set of custom wheels. Get started now with a free consultation! Call us at (317) 577-9700.

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