Express, Complete, and Ultimate Detail Packages: What’s the Difference?

At Waxwerks & Audio+, car detailing is one of our biggest specialties. We offer three different detail packages to suit our customers’ needs, but what exactly are the differences between each package? We explain below:

Car Detailing Vacuuming Interior

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Our Express Detail Package is the most basic and the quickest and also one of our most popular services. It covers all of the general “trouble areas”. We hand wash and wax the exterior, vacuum and wipe down the inside, clean the windows thoroughly, and clean up the tires and rims. The Express Detail Package is an ideal extra service to throw in after you’ve had something bigger done to your car, or if you just want a little spruce-up.

While the Express Detail Package makes a great add-on to other services, our Complete Detail Package offers an extra level of cleaning, and it also makes a great birthday gift. It includes all of the services above, plus we clean the dash, console, door panels, and door jambs. We also shampoo the vehicle’s carpets and mats as well as vacuum the trunk or cargo area. The Complete Detail Package also includes an engine cleaning if you’d like.

Car Detailing Wiping Down Rims

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And what about the Ultimate Detail Package? It truly is the ultimate in detailing. It includes everything above, plus clay bar paint to remove topical contaminants on the exterior and a high-speed polish paint to remove light scuffs and scratches and bring out the shine of your car. With the Ultimate Detail Package, we also apply paint protection. The Ultimate Detail Package is great anytime, and it also works for special occasions, such as a graduation gift.

If you’re interested in any of our outstanding detail packages, contact Waxwerks & Audio+ at (317) 577-9700 to schedule an appointment for car detailing in Indianapolis. We proudly serve our customers, and we have fantastic feedback! Take a look at our reviews, or schedule an appointment today!

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