Limit the Effects of the Summer Sun

Indianapolis Window TintingSummer is heating up in Indianapolis. While many of us are enjoying days out in the sun, your car may be singing a different tune. Unless your car or truck is in a garage for a large portion of the day, it likely gets quite a beating during the summer months. That sun is brutal!

At Waxwerks of Castleton, we’ve seen what the sun can do, especially to cars that don’t have window tinting. The combination of UV rays, direct sunlight, and higher temperatures can cause fading and interior damage on the upholstery and dashboard. Additionally, the sun makes it more difficult for your car to stay cool inside, causing you to crank the AC. That wear and tear adds up.

Your best bet for protecting your vehicle and keeping it functioning well is to opt for professional window tinting. Here are some of the benefits of auto window tinting from Waxwerks:

  • Excellent service: Waxwerks offers free consultations on all tinting services for car owners in Indianapolis, Castleton, Fishers, and the surrounding areas.
  • Expert advice: Our auto window tinting team can help you determine what level of tint is right for your vehicle.
  • Quality products & installation: We guarantee a professional-grade tint (none of that peel and stick stuff you can buy at any ol’ retail store) and make sure it’s installed well. Plus, we guarantee our window tint is street legal.
  • Customer satisfaction: Our customers are important to us at Waxwerks. We want you to be happy with our services, and we’ll do our best to make that happen.

In addition to protecting you and your vehicle, window tinting also gives you extra security and privacy. Plus, many car owners just like the way tinted windows looks. We don’t blame you.

To find out more about auto window tinting or to get a free quote, contact Waxwerks today at (317) 577-9700.


photo credit: Enjoying The Sunset via photopin (license)

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