Protect Your Car from Winter Damage

Snow, sleet, ice, freezing rain—or some dangerous combination of all these elements—can cause havoc to your vehicle. While we at Waxwerks are experts in windshield repair and replacement, we know you’d rather avoid any car damages in the first place. We recently ran across some winter-weather advice for car owners and wanted to share the few tips with you.

1. Remove snow from your car properly.

Getting rid of any snow that piles up on your vehicle is a good idea. However, you want to be careful what you use. Too many Indianapolis residents have ended up needing auto glass repair due to trying to clear snow on a car with a rake or shovel designed for driveway use only. You can find many snow-removal tools designed specifically for cars, and we suggest you use them.

2. Use caution when removing ice.

Ice can accumulate quickly during an Indiana ice storm, and it can be difficult to remove. If you can get in your vehicle, turning it on and cranking up defrost can help immensely by beginning to melt the ice. Use an ice scraper to remove ice from your windshield, but avoid “picking” at the ice. While removing ice takes patience, you’ll be better off exercising caution and taking your time.

3. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Maintaining space between your car and the one in front of you is always important. In winter, that safe distance becomes imperative. Your car needs more time to slow down if roads are slick. Plus, if the car in front of you has spinning tires, you’re much more likely to get a kicked back rock or piece of ice. So keep a respectful distance to avoid that broken windshield or senseless dents.

Hopefully these winter-weather tips can arm you against car damages. However, if you find yourself in need of windshield repair, contact Waxwerks at 317-577-9700. We are Indianapolis’s auto-glass repair and window-tinting experts, serving the Castleton area for over 20 years.

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