5 Reasons to Hire a Window Tinting Pro

You’re looking to getting window tinting for your car or van. Maybe you’re trying to decide whether hiring a professional instead of Cousin Joey is worth the few extra dollars. Or maybe you’ve seen the DIY window tinting kits from your local auto-parts’ store and are thinking, “Surely I could do that…” Well, Waxwerks of Castleton wants to give you five reasons why you should choose professional window tinting over your DIY options.

Note: This list was originally published by Angie’s List staff writers, but we have tweaked it a bit for the purposes of this post. For the original list, check out “5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Car Window Tinting.”

1. Keep your car, truck, or van legal.

Your state or city may have restrictions on auto window tinting. In Indiana, a person who violates the state regulations on window tinting or sunscreening may be charged with a Class A infraction by the state (according to this IN legislation). Window tinting professionals know the regulations and make sure each vehicle adheres to these standards. DIY kits or Cousin Joey may not know or care about such regulations.

2. Benefit from knowledge and experience.

You want to make sure you get your window tinting right the first time. A professional has been trained and has experience doing that on a daily basis. Don’t risk improperly applying a DIY window tint kit. You could end up with bubbles and streaks if you don’t do it just so.

3. Use professional-grade materials.

Many DIY window-tinting kits you purchase from auto-part stores do not match the professional grade found at professional window tinting companies. You can buy professional materials, but if you don’t know how to apply them correctly (see previous reason), then you could end up wasting that money spent.

4. Find security in guarantees.

Most window-tinting companies offer guarantees of their work. So by choosing a professional, you give yourself a bit of insurance that if something goes wrong, they’re going to make it right (either by giving you your money back or fixing the issue). Make sure a window tinting company has some written guarantees before you choose to hire them.

5. Get what you pay for.

As Angie’s List points out, you want to get your windows tinted to protect you and your car’s interior from the damaging rays of the sun or summer heat; however, “cheap or low-quality window tinting, though, does not always provide this protection.” DIY window kits may save you money, but they may not do what you need them to do, or they may be flimsy and don’t hold up. Then, you’re right back where you started.

To get a professional-grade window tint for your car or van, call Waxwerks of Castleton, IN at (317) 577-9700. We at Waxwerks work hard to provide our customers with quality window tinting, great customer service, and affordable rates. Contact us or check out our online customer reviews for more information.

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