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Clean Your Car's Scratches and Dents

Don’t Wait to Fix Dents and Scratches

Maybe it’s  something minor like a scratch from a car door, some hail pockmarks, or a nick from a rock. Even if it’s just cosmetic and doesn’t impact the performance of your car, it’s important to get dents, scuffs, and scratches repaired quickly before rust damage creeps in. Left unchecked, these small problems can become […]

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Car Dents Have You Down?

Have spring storms done a number on your car, causing hail damage that you just can’t ignore? Or maybe some of the Indianapolis road work debris got the better of your vehicle? Whatever the cause of those dents, don’t look at them any longer. Instead, come on down to Waxwerks to see whether your car […]

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Ways To Maintain Your Car’s Value

In this economy, selling a car can be a difficult and daunting task. Many car owners aren’t receiving the dollar amount they’d like when it comes time to sell their car. Even though cars do lose some value over time, there are ways to maintain it. Investing the time, energy and a little money will […]

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All About Paintless Dent Removal

Unfortunately no matter what time of year it is there’s always a possibility of accidental car dents.  Parking a little too close to the kid’s game can leave an unattractive baseball shaped depression. Errant grocery carts change a smooth door into a door with a depressing indentation. Mother nature sprinkling your car with hail leaving […]

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The Gift of Waxwerks for Father’s Day

With Father’s day just around the corner you may or may not have started looking at gifts for him. There are definitely a number of things that most dads would love to do to their car but the expenses fall second to things their children or wives need. This Father’s day give your dad something […]

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