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How Installing a Car Alarm Could Save Your Vehicle

You love your car, so it’s obvious why you would want to protect it. As an Indianapolis-based auto detailing service, Waxwerks & Audio+ understands the dedication and time you put into your car. Keep your car out of the hands of thieves, and install an alarm. Call (317) 577-8700 to learn more about your car security options.

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Top 4 Holiday Gifts from Waxwerks

The holiday season is here! At Waxwerks, we love the hustle and bustle of the season. Like you, we’ve got holiday shopping on the mind. We don’t blame you. In fact, we would like to add to the excitement of the season by featuring a few of our top car products that make great gift […]

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Windshield Repair in Indianapolis

Did holiday travel get the better of your car’s windshield or door glass? It’s amazing the damage that one stray rock can do to a vehicle, and you don’t want to leave a crack or chip for too long. Instead, you will want to find professional auto glass repair as soon as possible. Left alone, […]

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Do I Need Auto Glass Repair?

You’re driving through Indianapolis, enjoying a beautiful day in the city. You don’t think much about the cars around you or the construction zone you’re driving through—until that rock hits your windshield. Suddenly, your joy ride is a lot less…well…joyful.

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Tips for the Perfect Road Trip, Pt 2

Vacation season is in full swing, and at Waxwerks of Castleton, we want to make sure your road trip is more fun than frustrating. In a previous post, we provided some entertainment, safety, and navigation tips to get you on your way. But we didn’t want to stop there! Here are a few more ways […]

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Indianapolis Car Detailing 101

Keeping your car clean would seem to be a simple task. A run through the car wash once in a while, a hand full of quarters in the vacuum, clean up the windows and your are good to go, right? Wrong. The truth is that your car is under constant attack by road film, acid rain, […]

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